Hail there wanderer!

The SilverViking started out as an Idea, as a local Ásatrúar (Pagan) Icelandic citizen, I noticed that there was no apparent availability of genuine Icelandic viking jewelry available!

Since I wanted to wear one proudly around my own neck or finger, I set out on a search (Viking) to find way to supply this need, draw original authentic design from our own rich viking heritage and make those product out of genuine silver! I refused to sell some fake or things made out lesser metals, since I felt these are our sacred holy symbols and we must do them the honor and dignity as such!

There for the SilverViking arose! Here to give you wanderers, where ever you hail from, a chance to get a 100% authentic genuine Iceland handmade silver rings and pendants, masterfully crafted pieces, genuine Viking jewelry! So please come raid our store! Pillage through our wares! Loot the Silver Hoard like a real Viking! 🙂